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Aug 8, 2013

Kribbelige Gedanken

Es kribbelt mir in den Fingern…und ich kann mein kleines Blog einfach nicht so brach liegen lassen. So habe ich mal wieder ein wenig am Design herumgebastelt und das Archiv, sowie das ‘About Me’ aktualisiert. Soll das etwa heissen, ich bin wieder von den Toten auferstanden? Ohne Zweifel haette ich gerade so viel zu erzaehlen, nur klafft da eine so grosse Luecke, da weiss ich ja gar nicht, wo ich anfangen soll. Hmm, vielleicht sollte ich einfach drauf los schreiben. Ohne an das Onlineversum da draussen zu denken. So tun, als ob keiner mitliest. Tut ja wahrscheinlich eh keiner mehr. Ich fuehl mich aber echt grad wohl in meinem Blog. Ist irgendwie so wie ein Zufluchtsort. Ein Nest, dass ich mir lange aufgebaut habe und selbst wenn ich mal auf Wanderschaft gehe, komme ich doch immer wieder gern zurueck. Denn was auch immer ich hier schreibe, bleibt, ist irgendwie sortiert und kommt mir weniger sinnlos vor als das Geschreibsel via diverser Social Media Dienste, wo doch vieles, was ein paar Tage alt ist, schnell im Dunkel des Internets verschwindet. So, nun los, schick ihn endlich ab, den Eintrag. Guckt schon keiner.  Kribbelige Gedanken (pic)

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Jun 7, 2012

Got flowers

 Got flowers (pic)

and a mysterious card with my initial on it..

 Got flowers (pic)

My glorious man gave me an early birthday present!!!  Got flowers (pic) because we will be gone over the weekend. On Saturday (my birthday) we will be at a friend’s wedding on one of the zillon islands off the Maine coast. The wedding is on ‘North Haven'; you can see some photos here. So I’ll have my bday party all paid for  Got flowers (pic) and these beautiful little flowers have time over the weekend to slowly unfold to their full prettiness.

 Got flowers (pic)

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Jun 6, 2012


Wir suchen nun schon seit einigen Monaten nach der richtigen Bleibe, nach einem neuen eigenen Zuhause in Maine. Waehrend unserer Suche stolpere ich immer wieder uber lustige Strassennamen, die oft Saetze wie “Oh ja, das waere eine tolle Adresse” oder auch “egal wie toll das Haus ist, hier wohnen wir nicht!” hervorrufen.

Hier sind ein paar, die mir in Erinnerung blieben:

Peacepipe Drive – Friedenspfeifen Weg

Babesplace – Schnittenplatz  Strassennamen (pic)

Lovers Lane – Liebendensgasse

Pleasant Street – Angenehme Strasse

Walnut Hill – Walnusshuegel

Park St – wer wuerde die nicht nehmen?

Burnham St – Brennender Schinken Str.

Mystery Road- Geheimnisvolle Str.

Vista Road/Drive- Nee danke, muss nicht sein

No Name Road – sehr einfallsreich…

Hicks Street – einfach Luft anhalten

Liberty Road – immer gern


Ist ja wohl klar, welche ich nehme, oder?  Strassennamen (pic)


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May 24, 2012

Nur mal so kurz gemocht…

 Nur mal so kurz gemocht... (pic)   Nur mal so kurz gemocht... (pic)

 Nur mal so kurz gemocht... (pic)
Macht Spass

 Nur mal so kurz gemocht... (pic)
‘Einfach’ schmeckt am besten und erinnert mich an Zuhause Nummer Uno

 Nur mal so kurz gemocht... (pic)
Australien, ich vermisse dich! Schoen zu sehen, dass es dich in trinkbarer Form auch in den kleinsten Laedchen hier gibt. Auf dich meine ewige Liebe, Prosit!

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Apr 26, 2012


 Perception (pic)

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Apr 19, 2012

Things people say to me #2

I need to change my newly started column, because it’s not just questions targeted at me but also just awkward and funny things people say to me:

Boy, about 12 years old: “Are you from Germany?”
Me: “Yes.”
Boy: “When I thought of Germany I always thought of Nazis, but now I know you and will always think of you.” He gave me the biggest smile as wide as he was.

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Apr 18, 2012

Funny things I get asked #1

For a while now I’m never from wherever I live. Does this make sense? LOL
Back in Australia I should have started this column “Funny things I get asked”, because I got a lot of funny questions about myself or my ‘whereabouts’, but from now on I will start writing them down, because if they make me laugh, they might make you giggle, too!  Funny things I get asked #1 (pic)

The latest one (asked twice in less than two weeks):

Are you from England?

This is too funny! In Down Under people thought my English sounds American, here some people think it’s English… I think England has some of the strangest accents.. Well…I’m guessing 98% of the people I met haven’t been to England and most of those probably have never been outside the US, but if they think they cannot decipher where I’m from and it then must be England, it is too funny, because that’s how I made up my mind in Australia – don’t know what that accent is; must be English. But if it means “oh, you’re using vocabulary that I haven’t heard before, then it must be British..” I totally agree; I’m more English than American.  Funny things I get asked #1 (pic) Come on, the American English is really limited in the amount of words…but that’s another topic.

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Apr 13, 2012

Successful date with tender mate Rudi on a rough mountain without power but unforgetable

My today’s personal recommendations by are very strange and make me think:

Curricle & ChaiseRomance needed? Yes! Good guess Amazon!
40 Unforgettable Dates With Your MateA date might be overdue, how did you know Amazon?
Rough and TenderIt’s just the question what we are talking about here… me?  Successful date with tender mate Rudi on a rough mountain without power but unforgetable (pic)
Kindle US Power AdapterOh yes, my Kindle didn’t come with one and it also doesn’t last two months as it states, but I won’t get this tiny thing for this ridiculous price.
Life ManagementI could use some of that please.
Mountain WomanYep, I guess that’s my soon new me.

Lead with LUV: A Different Way To Create Real SuccessAm I not successful enough?
Waiting For RudiWho is Rudi?

A Man Walks Into A BarHow about a missy walks into a bar? Haven’t done THAT for a while and am craving a drink with friends and mr.natey!

Circle Of Friends Cookbook – Friends…oh yeah, they are too far away and deeply missed.

The Vegan Slow CookerCould be my current answer to the American Fast Food. Also I’m eating more vegan than ever before (due to allergies and health reasons).

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Apr 12, 2012

Fuel just leaped over $4

Okay – this entry is just for the record:

Tonight on Thursday the 12th of April 2012 the fuel price in the Waterville Maine area went over four dollars the first time.  Fuel just leaped over $4 (pic)


That’s a lot for around here…especially in the poorer Central Maine.
I also already feel that this is a high price although I have been here in Maine only since last July, but since then the price just rose so fast! Shortly after I bought my super-Subaru fuel was at $3.17. Only three months later it is at $4. That’s a quick rise!  Fuel just leaped over $4 (pic)

I should add that the fuel price in the US is measured by the gallon, which is 3.8 liters.

While $4/gallon is still “cheap” compared to German fuel, which is around 1.70 Euro PER LITER (= $6.45/gallon!!), most people in the US, especially in rural areas like Maine, drive their car a lot more than in Germany. There is no public transport in about 90% of Maine and people often drive one or two hours to work. mr.Natey drives 1.5 hours to his work with a heavy duty Volvo wagon (which uses less fuel than my light Subaru…which really annoys me).

First I thought gas is so cheap here…compared to Germany, but I only get 300 miles (483 km) to the tank (60 liters?) and paying around $55 to fill it up. My beloved car gets 22 miles/gallon, which is a bit low (the mister and his Volvo get 28 miles/gallon, newer cars can get up to 50 miles/gallon).

Oh and yes, my car is also an automatic (I hate automatics…grrr), but I could not find a manual car that ticked all the boxes. Manual cars are way more fuel efficient…at least the older models. My car is a 92, good old boy, but I guess I still need to break him in a bit more to reach the estimated 24 to 29 miles per gallon. But even the latest 2011 model of the Subaru Outback Wagon (the one I was going to get), the fuel economy is not much better than mine; almost worse with only 18 to 25 miles per gallon. Now think of those heavy duty trucks and SUV’s that are driving around everywhere….I don’t understand how people are willing to afford them.

Well, imagine a carved wooden board that is hanging on Planet Cola’s header saying “we’re at 4 dollars per gallon”…knowing that the only way is up and tomorrow is Friday the 13th (by the way).

Does someone drive a hybrid or electric car yet?
Who rides his/her bike to work?
I never see people on bikes here. There are no bike lanes around here and the mister said riding a scooter is even too dangerous…sigh…I need a horse and a cart!!!! And I HAVE seen those in people’s yards! Yes, a little bit old Wild West is still alive, I tell ‘ya!

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Apr 11, 2012

I want that magic sugar pill…but don’t tell me!

10 interesting facts about the placebo effect:

1. Given a sugar pill (which has no physical effect) people with certain conditions not only report feeling better, but see actual improvements in their condition.

2. Given two sugar pills, people report more benefit than one sugar pill.

3. If someone believes a placebo has a negative effect, they can experience that negative effect. This is called a nocebo.

4. If a sugar pill is described as a muscle relaxant it will cause muscle relaxation. If the same type of sugar pill is described as causing muscle tension, it will produce muscle tension.

5. Placebos can produce the same side-effects that the real drug the person thinks they’re taking would also produce.

6. When conducting a study, it is an error to assume that your treatment produced the improvement and everyone seeing improvement under the placebo are “only” experiencing placebo effects. It could very well be that everyone who experience an improvement were experiencing a placebo effect.

7. Saltwater placebos administered via syringe are more effective than sugar pills.

8. Pacemakers can improve heart function after they’ve been put in, but before they’ve been switched on.

9a. Give people a sugar pill and tell them it’s a stimulant and they get stimulated.

9b. Give people a relaxant but tell them it’s a stimulant and they get more stimulated than anyone in 9a or 9c.

9c. Give people a relaxant, tell them it’s a relaxant: They have more molecules of the relaxant in their blood plasma than the people in 9b.

10. We’re still pretty confused about the placebo effect and it’s causes. There’s a mishmash of different things going on and we’re still picking them apart. Also, it’s really hard to design studies!

I read this on Google+ (via Dustin Wyatt) and wanted to share it here because I think there are some really interesting points. Isn’t #8 just crazy? Or #4?

Of course I was not the only one wondering about the sources for these claims, and Mr Wyatt was so friendly to add them; you can find them here.

I am so sure that our mind is able to “give” us an illness just because we “think” we are having something. Or because we are afraid that we would get ill. I’m convinced that our mind is the most powerful “mechanism” (if one can call it that) of the human body. I often think of things that could happen and then they are happening. Mostly they happen if I speak them out loud. I’m really concentrating on not speaking certain things of my mind out loud (which is hard, but I’m getting better at it, haha).

In regards to pills I actually had a similar placebo effect happening to me when I was a teenager. At a party I had a bad headache and someone offered me a pain reliever in form of a small tablet. Not even an hour later I felt fine; my headache was gone. The next day that “friend” told me it was not a headache tablet; it was just a small sugar pill. Something like dextrose. I could not believe it as it really helped with my headache. Crazy, isn’t it?  I want that magic sugar pill...but dont tell me! (pic)

Do you have a placebo experience to share?

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