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Dec 9, 2005

peep…*32* hours until…

Dear Cola’s friends,
some people thought that Cola already is in bush country – she’s not! Still in merkel land (Merkel is Germany’s new chancellor-lady) but only thirty-two (32!) hours left and then *jumpjump* up up and away over the big ocean  peep…*32* hours until… (pic)
Honestly, Cola’s nervousness becomes less the more it goes towards her flight, she told me.
Cola wants to show you her pictures from the last days (they are not very important or anything, it is just…what could it be…hihi…food, of course (damn)).

Here you see her last Grünkohl meal for this year (made-by-Cola’s-mom):
 peep…*32* hours until… (pic)

A few days later ChoCola couldn’t stand this very special and good chocolate any more. Nathan brought it with him from Alaska last June *superb* (the choc, but he as well :)):
 peep…*32* hours until… (pic)

and….unwrapped – WOW!

 peep…*32* hours until… (pic)“Food of the Gods”…yeah, it is!
or “Food of Cola” =)
But now it is gone…*sniff*…*schniiieff*

In the following pic you can see Mr. and Mrs. Wittling:

 peep…*32* hours until… (pic)
Caught, prepared, and fried by my dad.

Tastes similar to cod (Dorsch).

And last, but not least….something sweet again.
Nut cake with almond-liquor-icing:  peep…*32* hours until… (pic)

before topping with whipped cream and (own) hazelnuts (from Cola’s garden)…

 peep…*32* hours until… (pic)

…and after topping.
This was actually the fastest cake bake ever…it took Cola only 10 minutes (without baking time in oven). Damn easy, damn fast and …delicious!
Especially if you take a cup of the liquor for the topping instead of only two spoons, as the recipe said.

That’s it with the last photos from Germany this year.
Cola is still writing on her thesis, she said, but the end is close.
She hopes that everybody has a good pre-Christmas-time and she would be happy if her friends leave her a note here or in her guestbook.
Have a good weekend & bye for now.

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