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Apr 17, 2010

Noong haw

Ngoo lây gûh duh.

A bit of Shanghainese, which means ‘Hello, I am here.’ The circumflex needs to be 180 degrees, but I don’t know how to do it with this (Mac) keyboard.

Or simply :P ä好,我回来ä。(Hello, I am back.)

Shanghaiboy reached Perth Airport after a long day of travelling from the far lands of China back home to Australia. Exhausted and tired he got picked up from the airport at 11.30pm last night. But before falling into the freshly made bed he gave me a few of the more to come little presents from China! Ohhh…photos will follow. So pretty…!

The mister’s luggage is still in China and will be delivered tomorrow morning (hopefully). Somehow he has no luck with luggage travelling WITH him. Maybe he has just bad luck in picking the good airlines, although this time he could not choose the airline, because the university did. Whatever happened, the luggage with more gifts will be here tomorrow.

However, I am glad that the airplane brought him home safe, after reading that only a few days ago a Cathay Pacific airbus had an engine failure and only landed safely at Hong Kong’s airport (only eight people injured, it said) because the pilots were doing a great job.
Happily reunited:
 Noong haw (pic)












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1.  Hannah    Apr 17, 2010

Happy to see Nathan back home, as he is obviously happy to be back with you! :)

Love, Hannah

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