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Jul 8, 2010

Aus und vorbei und wiedermal (immerhin) Dritter

 Aus und vorbei und wiedermal (immerhin) Dritter (pic)

It would have been soooo awesomely beautiful – if!  Aus und vorbei und wiedermal (immerhin) Dritter (pic)

I didn’t expect the Spanish team to have such a good defence. Looked like they were way stronger than the Argentina’s. They had so many chances to score. Although, the game was rather slow. Not much action. I almost fell asleep in the first half hour of the game.

What a pity! We lost. We could have done better. Why oh why.

At least (again, like in 2006) we came in third, but hey, in my “environment” of international co-workers and friends, everyone thought Germany is going to win the worldcup. WE WERE SO CLOSE!!!  Aus und vorbei und wiedermal (immerhin) Dritter (pic)

Thanks for the enthusiasm and the optimistic view of world’s best second best third best soccer team. We still did very well. And the best of it all?

We will be back in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!  Aus und vorbei und wiedermal (immerhin) Dritter (pic)
[Four is my lucky number anyway. It better is “theirs“, too!]

SIGH  Aus und vorbei und wiedermal (immerhin) Dritter (pic)

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1.  Kille    Jul 08, 2010

noch hat Deutschland nicht den dritten Platz!!! Es koennte am Samstag auch der vierte Platz werden.

2.  Hannah    Jul 09, 2010

Sorry about the loss – but I love this photo! :)

3.  mau    Jul 11, 2010

ohhhh – so schön deprimiert! Das Foto verdient nen Preis!!! :)

4.  missycola    Jul 13, 2010

Haha! Yay, prize prize prize! :queen: The German flag rubbed off a bit during my sleep, which makes it look like I’ve cried.
But – I didn’t fake anything, even my hair is an original out-of-bed-look of that day. LOL

Luckily we ARE third now (didn’t realise that we had to play against Uruguay, oopsie!), so I can leave my blog posting as it is.

Ole ole ole ole!

5.  Thomas    Jul 14, 2010

Nach der WM ist vor der EM … so !

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