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Jan 26, 2012


 Dreams (pic)
[image by Elfleda]

Dreams are
…slippery things.
…like stars…you may never touch.
…so difficult to remember.
…making you smarter.
…answers to questions we haven’t yet figured out how to ask.

Really real?
Well, that’s what g00gle spits out when I ask what dreams are.

I have always been a very vivid dreamer. I sometimes feel like I have a second life, living it in my dreams. Often I “act” so much that the sleeping partner next to me wakes up and thinks I am awake – but I am just in my dreams; even when sitting up, moving around; all with eyes wide open.

It doesn’t surprise me anymore that my fantasy often goes to the extreme, but what really surprised me, so much that I want to write it down here, are the last two dreams I had this week.

The first one was about a former work colleague/friend from my last job in Australia. I don’t remember what it was about exactly, but the morning after the dream I had a facebook message in my email, about me being missed and that someone called with my old work phone which apparently still displayed my name; to the shock of the friend.  Dreams (pic)
Isn’t that strange – first the dream and then the email?

The other dream was similar, but slightly different.
I dreamt about a girlfriend I knew when I was a young teenager (maybe 12/13). I have no idea how she looks like these days, but in the dream I just knew it was her. We were happy that we met and reunited; we hugged and talked and laughed. She was actually not a very close friend, but we shared an important part (the party part, ya know? *g*) of my teenage years together.

But hold tight-here it comes:

When I woke up the next day and checked my email at around 10.30am, I had an email from the social network stayfriends with the following message:
 Dreams (pic)
The email said: “Why don’t you go visit the profile of your friend M.J.?”

My jaw dropped almost onto the floor!!! My eyes stared at her name. I had t blink to realize I am not dreaming any more.

Nathan always said I’m psychic. I think I’m at a high at the moment.

Another psychic situation that happened on the same day. We were driving a small side road quite a ways away from where we live and I somehow thought that we probably see Nathan’s mom driving by. I don’t know why I had that thought, because it was rather silly, because his mom works in a totally different area (other town) and would not drive this road really on a daily or even weekly basis. And we drive that road multiple times a fortnight and never met her on the road.

Well….you guessed it, although the little side road had no traffic, a few moments, seconds later her silvery car just came into our direction.

I am a bit scared!
I’m hoping to dream of my future job next. Haha.

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1.  Bob    Feb 03, 2012

Ooooh, that is a little spooky. But hey, maybe you can get advantage out of it? Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming? It says that after some practice you are able to control what you are dreaming. Think of the possibilities! Who needs a future job if there is a vacant position as future queen of the world? :)

2.  missycola    Feb 03, 2012

No, never heard of lucid dreaming. But, I often dream the rest of movies, when I fall asleep during watching them.
Controlling your dreams would be kinda boring though. I live a whole other adventurous life in my dreams…often scary, often dangerous, but mostly exciting. :)

Yeah, wouldn’t it be nice we we all didn’t need jobs? I could just bake and create things and trade it for other goods. Nathan could just build things and we would be fulfilled and “rich”.

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