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Feb 7, 2012

Australia Influenced

Why do men never listen?

We are at the beach, mr.Natey and I and a few other people we don’t know. There are quite a few people in the water, but somehow I don’t feel comfortable. Not only because it’s winter. No, something isn’t right.

All of a sudden I see shadows in the water. They are about an arm length long and quickly moving. Sharks?
 Australia Influenced (pic)
I am pretty sure, but mr.Natey doesn’t think so. He wants to go into the water. I say “Please don’t go, there are sharks in there.” He’s going a step forward and I’m now whining: “Please don’t go. I promise you I’ll cook you dinner every night until the rest of your day, but please don’t go into the water!” I’m totally frightened, but mr.Natey thinks I’m overreacting, as so often.

Then I’m going a few steps back and see all those sharks lined up on the shore. They are standing on their back-fin and they organized themselves from small shark on the left to humongous and extremely large (2-story-house tall) on the right. A line of about 6 sharks, all shapes and sizes. They are kind of smiling at me and the other people at the beach.

Nathan, oh why, is going towards the shore and is lining up next to the largest shark with his back to the ocean. He’s like “Look at me, I’m not afraid, I can even stand next to the biggest sharks and it’s all fine.”

Then, all of a sudden, the humongous shark smirks and swings his left fin, which is about the size of an American-sized van, and hits and pushes (or rather smashes) mr.Natey way far away into the deep and dark ocean. No one would survive that hit. Not even a mr.Natey “hero”.

Why do men never listen to their missy?  Australia Influenced (pic)

[image by C.Haugen]

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