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Feb 23, 2012

Moving registrars – check

I was too optimistic. My blog has now transferred from one registrar (GoDaddy) to the other (namecheap), but the latter wasn’t such a great help. I don’t know if anyone has noticed it, but my blog was offline for A-L-M-O-S-T A W-E-E-K!!!  Moving registrars   check   (pic) Although namecheap promised to have no or very limited downtime if I used their FreeDNS. Ha, as if.
In fact, whatever namecheap told me (in five different support chats) was wrong, because nothing worked and in the end GoDaddy solved it for me. It was a very simple error; the DNS was set wrong (and I knew it, but namecheap didn’t understand sh$t of my problem). Ok ok, I should not bash my new registrar already, but their (chat only) support really sucks. Let’s hope I don’t have to deal with them too often.

Now I really want to make the right decision with my new hosting provider, because that’s where it is important that my site is running strong and reliably 365 days out of 365 days. Ok, here I am dreaming again.

I must say, I never really had any problems with GoDaddy, besides the fact that I cannot view/use/maintain my website at home because of the known GoDaddy+Wildblue+Mac – problem. Their phone support is very good. And I called them quite a few times. They are always very friendly and mostly helpful. Too bad that we have shitty Wildblue Internet, which doesn’t work together with GoDaddy on my Mac.  Moving registrars   check   (pic) But since we cannot change the internet provider, I have to change my hosting.

Well, now that my blog is finally up and running with namecheap as new registrar, I will look into moving to a new webhost. I only need to decide between the two that I have in mind…stable*host or host*gator…

Why is it so difficult to choose the right webhost? Why are there 99.8% bad ones out there?, if you read this, please please offer abroad payment methods like paypal or similar, so I can move my sites back to you. (heart) Until then, I have to swim with the sharks it looks like.  Moving registrars   check   (pic)

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